Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ITAD 2010 Celebration Competition

Our 2010 ITAD celebration competition has now closed. Thanks to everyone that enetered by sharing your love of our craft and celebrating International Temari Appreciation Day. I am pleased to announce the winners of our two prizes.

The first winner was the Gifted Hands Group of Cary, NC, USA. They set up a wonderful library display and had some temari demonstrations too. Your prize is the one featured on the competition post.

The second winner was Rosa from Bundaberg, Qld, Australia. Rosa shared a wonderful story too. Your prize has been kindly donated by Barbara  Suess from Kiku Designs.

I will contact you both privately so you can recieve your prizes in the mail.

I hope you both enjoy your prizes.

ITAD 2010 Round Up

Many people from around the world enjoyed ITAD this year. More than 630 unique visitors to this blog since July. You can see from the list below it was very international.

Place                            Visits            Percentage

Unknown Locations       842                58.31%
United States                 255                17.66%
Netherlands                   102                  7.06%
Australia                          56                  3.88%
Canada                           36                   2.49%
United Kingdom              23                   1.59%
Hong Kong                     21                   1.45%
Austria                            16                   1.11%
Japan                              15                   1.04%
Russian Federation          12                   0.83%
European Union                8                   0.55%
Spain                                7                   0.49%
Italy                                  6                   0.42%
Sweden                            6                   0.42%
Ukraine                            6                   0.42%
Germany                          5                    0.35%
Romania                           4                   0.28%
India                                 3                   0.21%
Chile                                 2                   0.14%
France                              2                   0.14%
Indonesia                          2                   0.14%
Malaysia                           2                   0.14%
Slovakia slovak Republic   2                   0.14%
Belarus                              1                   0.07%
Cyprus                              1                   0.07%
Czech Republic                 1                   0.07%
Hungary                            1                   0.07%
Korea                               1                    0.07%
Mauritius                           1                   0.07%
Morocco                           1                   0.07%
Portugal                             1                   0.07%
South Africa                      1                   0.07%
Switzerland                       1                    0.07%
Taiwan                              1                    0.07%

Thank you to everyone that visited to look and participate in celebrating the fun of temari making. I hope you enjoyed this appreciation day as much as I did.

Wishing you happiness in your stitching until next time,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Progressive Temari Project 2010 - Free Pattern

One of the activities I imagined up for ITAD was a progressive stitch along project.  The goal was to add one step at a time, with a different person adding each new step. I put the call out for participants on the Temari Challenge list and we had 7 participants sign up: Rod B, Kristy S, Laura B, Rebecca from Perth, Kat from IL, Barb S and Debi A. We decided to keep the project cheap and cheerful by describing the colours as well as giving the product codes, doing this allowed everyone to choose the best option from their own stash.

Here is the pattern for the temari we designed together.

Debi's completed temari

Step 1: Rod suggested:
Base size: 30cm  Mari colour: off-white/cream

Step 2: Kristy suggested:
C8 division, marked in pale gold. Nordic Gold ND1

Step 3: Laura suggested:
Using 2 colors of green 240 and 859 Anchor Perle #5 (the colors are a medium olive color and a lighter mint julep-y color), locate the 6 part triangles and stitch a sakasa uwagake triangle. To do this begin stitching 1/2 way point (between the side and the center) on the short lines. You will stitch 6 rows beginning with the darker green and alternating colours with each row, ending with the lighter green. This will give a corner border to each of the squares. If you are unfamiliar with this stitch you can read about how to stitch it on

Step 4: Rebecca suggested:
Using a puplish blue 791 DMC Perle #5 stitch two interlocking rows of Uwagake Chidori Kagari around the six 8-part squares to form a 4 petal shape. The outer points are stitched on the short lines just outside the square (at the 4part diamond) and inner points are stitched 1.25cm from the center on the long lines. Make the first row with slightly loose tension. On the second row drop the inner points down by stitching at 1.75cm from the pole. This will result in a 5mm straight stitch at the center. If you are unfamiliar with this stitch you can read about how to stitch it on temarikai. I recommend numbering each of the six centers so they are stitched in the same sequence on each row.

Step 5: Kat suggested:
Add another 3 rounds, this time in maroon, on the Uwagake Chidori Kagari, previously started in dark blue. In this case, I did one round around each center, noting the order as I went, then the second round in the same order as the first, the third round same way.

Step 6: Barb suggested:
Add one more row to the 4 petal Kiku herringbone design in medium blue, Anchor 129.

Step 7: Debi suggested:

 Add a starburst in the negative space of the four petaled flowers. Use the bluish/purple color that Rebecca suggested to make a starburst with long stitches that fill up the space and follow the contours created by the point overlaps. I kept mine rather sparse with only 8 stitches (or 16 points to the starburst). To tie the colors together add a small X stitch over the center using the blue from Barb's row.
I must say a huge thank you to everyone who joined in on this project. The temari we made together is gorgeous. It was really fun... maybe we can do this again sometime.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rosa's 10 year service call

Ten years ago Rosa fromBundaberg, Australia, spent 9 weeks in Scotland when her mother had an accident while holidaying there.  Almost every day she made a temari and gave it away. The temari pictured above was given to the lady in the bed opposite her mother’s while she was in a ward and not in Intensive Care. The lady lived in Leichester (England) was also on holidays in Scotland when she hurt her back.  In September this year Rosa and her husband called to see the lady in Leichester and she bought out the ball.  The hanging cord had come loose and she had not hung it up for some years. Rosa mended it for her and back it went on her lounge door handle.   Rosa said "It was lovely to be able to make a house call to repair it after 10 years."

Temari can be an amazing gift of friendship (and also an excellent way to make new friends).

Thanks for sharing this story Rosa.

Update from Tiny's Exhibition in The Netherlands

This photo is from my exhibition which opened on 22 October. This is Mrs Tegelberg, who is a representative from the Japanese garden in Den Helder. After the opening She received a temari in the ITAD design.

This is a small overview of a nice corner and 3 you see to small boxes decorating with temari on a background. I used 30 black boxes decorated with different extra decoration, like a picture, some nuts and beans and also some with origami . See Tiny's website for more information and photographs.

Thanks Tiny for making this wonderful exhibition for temari to celebrate ITAD.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today is International Temari Appreciation Day!!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A spotlight on Temari in Queensland

Kristy from Queensland, Australia, works in a museum, and has kindly organised a small display for ITAD. Part of this museum showcases fading heritage trades like blacksmithing, leadlighting, silversmithing, felting etc...  At one time the art of Temari making almost faded away too but thanks to the support of a growing number of temari makers around the world, those old skills are being learned by new generations of people everywhere.

Kristy has also provided her local craft shop some temari leaflets, started writing her own blog, and will also help three ladies try out temari. Kristy told me "ITAD was a great idea and really gave me the ooomph to push the temari out there in ways I hadn't thought of before".

Go to the Flickr site to see Kristy's photos.
Congratulations Kristy and thank you for sharing temari making.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Temari Exhibition in The Netherlands

Tiny has made an exhibition of temari making at a gallery near Den Helder. It opens on October 22 and includes Tiny's own temari and those of students from Tiny's hometown.  The name of the gallery is called Galerie-Potterie 't Tiende Kind. Look a this beautiful poster Tiny has to promote the show.

Tiny will take some photos of the exhibition when it commences. They will be at Tiny's website, here is the link.  Thank you to Tiny and your students for making such a wonderful event for International Temari Appreciation Day.

Gifted Hands Shares the Art of Temari

This photo shows the Temari display that our local EGA chapter, Gifted Hands of Cary, set up for one of our local libraries in North Carolina, USA. We will be giving a Temari demonstration, actually showing how to create a Temari, at the same library on Oct. 30th. Our group is Gifted Hands of Cary which is a chapter of Embroidery Guild of America.

Thank you to Jeannie's group for sharing the love of temari making for International Temari Appreciation Day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

ITAD is just 2 weeks away... here is a cool competition to celebrate.

Goodness where did the entire month of August go? For that matter what happened to September?? I just don't know where the last 6 weeks have gone! Today I am announcing a giveaway competition for everyone celebrating ITAD 2010. We want to know how you celebrate ITAD.

Here are the entry guidelines:
General: Take a photo of whatever temari celebration you do on (or during the week of) ITAD. Upload your photo and a caption description just a few sentences long to the flickr group or email it directly to me at this place [] The entries will be added to the ITAD blog so by entering you grant the International Temari Appreciation Day coordinator permission to use the image and text in your entry.
Time: Competition will commence on October 15 2010 and close at Midnight October 31st 2010 local time. I live in Western Australia so the time here is GMT+8. Note I have opened this competition a bit earlier than the date originally specified (22nd Oct). So if your plans are already in place please send your entry now.
Photography: Please ensure you have permission of any individuals in your photograph as they will be published on this blog. Ensure your photo is named in an identifiable way. This will ensure you get all the credit for it.
Caption: Please tell us what you did and where you were. No long essays needed just a few sentences, no more than 100 words. This can be in English or your own language if you would prefer. I can always translate your text if necessary.
Prize: A little parcel of 7 DMC perle 5 and 3 Kreinick braid threads, one card of 3 needles and a JTA V-ruler will be posted to the winner. Here is a picture of the giveaway.
Draw: One winner will be selected at random from all the entries received before the competition closing time.

Here's a sample entry. I have used an old photo from my other blog and just added a few sentences about it underneath. The are about 60 words which is more than enough:
This is a plum blossom tree in my front garden in Perth, Australia. A few months ago (back in the winter) we had an unusually warm and sunny day so I decided to dress up this bare tree with some temari balls. Lots of neighbours walked past and wondered what I was doing. I had a great time and I love this photo. By Rebecca from Perth

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

66 days to go.

Tiny from The Netherlands is organising an exhibition on the 22 of October which will show case temari made by Tiny and students in Den Helder. The name of the gallery is “het tiende kind” and is situated near Tiny's home town. See Tiny's website in the links right or here.

If you are planning a special event which you would like to let everyone know about please contact me and I will post a note about it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Blog header

If you visit the blogsite you will see the lovely new logo placed in the new header. I am not a computer programmer at all so this took me hours to do on two different computers (believe it or not).  I almost cried at one point, but 1/2 a block of chocolate later and 1/3 a bag of chips I do feel much better... and a bit sick too. The title on the jpg image illustrated my frustration today... it is called "last last last chance.jpg"

Note to self: take off a piece of chocolate and put the rest of the block away (far away) because I've discovered I subconsiously eat when I'm concertrating too hard. Either that or a pixie ate the rest of my chocolate.

Here is the new logo

Congratulations again to the winner! Thanks again to everyone that entered or voted on a temari in this competition. I am working on the certificate for our winner now.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

ITAD Logo comptition... We have a winner

The logo competition ended overnight and the votes have been counted. There were 11 beautiful entries altogether. All were stunning, but two did not meet the competition criteria for stitch type so these were excluded from the voting tally. Most people added 2 views of their temari so I added the votes together to get a total.

Here is the vote tally with Flick ID:
ID                    Votes
temari.addict        3
rosaoz                 1
komusume-Rita    3
ssvetik                4
Harvest_basket    1
Christy Rogers     1
Temari Debi         2
wklager               3
Temari by Artful   2
Total Votes        20

So our winner is ssvetik! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone that entered the the logo competition. We will run it again next year.

Ssvetik, please email me so I can send you the winners certificate.

Now time to plan your activities for October 22. What are you planning?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

ITAD Logo Competition Update.

Only 103 days to go until our first ever International Temari Appreciation Day is celebrated. Are you planning something yet?

It didn't take long but the International Temari Appreciation Day name has somehow been morphed (due to my laziness) to ITAD in all my communications. With all the emails, posts here and over at my Temari Addict Australia blog I was wondering just when RSI would set in, so in the interests of preserving my time and wrists I have shortened the name to an acronym. Unfortunately it looks like something from the apple computer company, but I assure you that if you read ITAD in one of my posts it will relate to International Temari Appreciation Day. (I think an iTad might be an apple nanosecond or a tiny apple... and definitely be something cool my son would bug me for.)

So far I have been told that several people are just beginning to stitch their entries for the logo competition and if you visit the Flickr group you will find several entries have already been submitted there. I wonder how many different versions we will see of the S16 ball? The entries so far are really lovely. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen. Remember to vote too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Logo Design Competition 2010

Here is a sample ball made by me

Seeking a beautiful Temari to use as our Logo.  The winning Temari will be created and selected by you, the Temari community.

Here are the entry guidelines:
  • General: Please ensure your submission is a new ball (not previously photographed or shared). The ball must be your own work, however it is not necessary to be an original design, you may take inspiration from a pattern you have seen elsewhere but please provide your design reference. You may enter your ball by adding it to the Flickr site here You will need to make a Flickr account to enter or vote, if you already have a yahoo account this is a quick process. The winner grants the International Temari Appreciation Day coordinator permission to use the image of the winning Temari in a logo representation.
  • Time: Competition will commence on July 1st 2010 and close at Midnight July 30th 2010 local time. I live in Western Australia so the time here is GMT+8.
  • Division: S16.
  • Size: 30cm circumference (+/- 1cm).
  • Stitch: Uwagake Chidori Kagari (Zig zag over) aka kiku herringbone stitch - specific arrangement of Chidori Kagari where the working thread is taken over the previous rows to create the widening solid "V" shaped wedge, emanating outward from the pole or center point. This stitch arrangement refers to whether all, one, or several previous rows are worked over and around. - definition from Temari Kai tool kit.
  • Colour: Your choice.
  • Thread: Use perle, floss etc... it is up to you.
  • Photography: Please photograph the temari against either a plain black or white background without props. This will allow the image to be cropped into a logo. Ensure your photo is named in an identifiable way. This will ensure you get all the credit for your work.
  • Voting: Click on the gallery of photos and hit add to faves button just under the picture title. Flickr will automatically keep a tally of how many times each picture has been voted as a favourite. Visit regularly to ensure you don't miss any entries.
The maker of the winning Temari ball will have their work used to create the International Temari Appreciation Day logo for 2010/2011. You will be able to tell your friends with pride that your work has been selected by your peers to be the one to represent our celebration day. You will also receive an acknowledgement certificate featuring the finished logo as a keepsake.

Ladies and Gentlemen....Start Stitching...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Temari Day Logo Competiton Begins Tomorrow

The temari day logo competition will begin tomorrow. Look out for all the details which will be posted in about 6 hours.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

115 Days until the first International Temari Appreciation Day

The title says it all. Only 115 Days until the first ever International Temari Appreciation Day is celebrated on October 22, 2010.

It has been suggested that we have an open call for a special temari to use as our official icon for this year. I think it is an awesome idea. So a competition will run from July 1st until July 30th. More details will be posted on July 1st.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog and webpage button

I have made this little link button which you can use on your web page to advise your readers that you are participating in International Temari Appreciation Day.

I am clearly not the most awesome diagramer but if you can also see that it is a C10 I'm good enough.

Unfortunately I can't add the html codes here for you to copy to your page but please feel free to email me to get the codes so you can add the button in your side bar.

Also if you would like your webpage to be listed in the participants section of this blog please let me know.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to celebrate

How could we celebrate International Temari Appreciation Day?

So far these are the ideas put forward by many kind contributors:
• Organise an exhibition at your local library or arts center.
• Host a local stitching day.
• Share temari making with someone new.
• Show your first temari (mine is scary) and your newest.
• Share a story about how you learned about temari.
• Share/swap your temari with another temari maker.
• Mention it on your blog/website (if you have one... with a special project).
• Do a give away via blog or website
• Open a Flick'r group for the month so users can upload a special temari appreciation design they made (Do a give away drawing there too, like Chloe Patricia does.)
• Run a special stitching challenge on Yahoo groups for that month, planning on revealing the finished results on the designated day
• Design a display for your LNS

Do you have a different/even better idea that you are just busting to share? I'm sure you do. Please share it by commenting below.

I am happy to coordinate/sponsor the day. I know several English speaking temari makers throughout Australia, USA, England, Canada etc but I'd also love to get the Japanese, French, Dutch, Greek, Russian temari makers (and any other country that makes temari) in on an international celebration too. Any ideas how to make it a truly global celebration?

If you have any ideas please leave a message... don't worry you won’t be volunteering for anything you don't want to do just by leaving a message. Love to hear from you all if you have any thoughts.

Thank you to every one who has submitted an idea so far.

Welcome to our new site.

Welcome to the official information site for International Temari Appreciation Day. If you love making Japanese Temari Balls this site is for you.

Last week I proposed to hold an annual celebration day for Temari. I put the idea out and received many messages of support from around the globe.

After doing some research I discovered there were only 6 dates that are not currently holidays anywhere in the world (so far as I am aware) so one of these would be great for an international celebration date for Temari making/appreciation. After proposing these dates the feedback seems to be that October 22 is the day most people would prefer to celebrate our craft.

I am currently in the process of having our day listed on earth calendar.