Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to celebrate

How could we celebrate International Temari Appreciation Day?

So far these are the ideas put forward by many kind contributors:
• Organise an exhibition at your local library or arts center.
• Host a local stitching day.
• Share temari making with someone new.
• Show your first temari (mine is scary) and your newest.
• Share a story about how you learned about temari.
• Share/swap your temari with another temari maker.
• Mention it on your blog/website (if you have one... with a special project).
• Do a give away via blog or website
• Open a Flick'r group for the month so users can upload a special temari appreciation design they made (Do a give away drawing there too, like Chloe Patricia does.)
• Run a special stitching challenge on Yahoo groups for that month, planning on revealing the finished results on the designated day
• Design a display for your LNS

Do you have a different/even better idea that you are just busting to share? I'm sure you do. Please share it by commenting below.

I am happy to coordinate/sponsor the day. I know several English speaking temari makers throughout Australia, USA, England, Canada etc but I'd also love to get the Japanese, French, Dutch, Greek, Russian temari makers (and any other country that makes temari) in on an international celebration too. Any ideas how to make it a truly global celebration?

If you have any ideas please leave a message... don't worry you won’t be volunteering for anything you don't want to do just by leaving a message. Love to hear from you all if you have any thoughts.

Thank you to every one who has submitted an idea so far.

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