Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Progressive Temari Project 2010 - Free Pattern

One of the activities I imagined up for ITAD was a progressive stitch along project.  The goal was to add one step at a time, with a different person adding each new step. I put the call out for participants on the Temari Challenge list and we had 7 participants sign up: Rod B, Kristy S, Laura B, Rebecca from Perth, Kat from IL, Barb S and Debi A. We decided to keep the project cheap and cheerful by describing the colours as well as giving the product codes, doing this allowed everyone to choose the best option from their own stash.

Here is the pattern for the temari we designed together.

Debi's completed temari

Step 1: Rod suggested:
Base size: 30cm  Mari colour: off-white/cream

Step 2: Kristy suggested:
C8 division, marked in pale gold. Nordic Gold ND1

Step 3: Laura suggested:
Using 2 colors of green 240 and 859 Anchor Perle #5 (the colors are a medium olive color and a lighter mint julep-y color), locate the 6 part triangles and stitch a sakasa uwagake triangle. To do this begin stitching 1/2 way point (between the side and the center) on the short lines. You will stitch 6 rows beginning with the darker green and alternating colours with each row, ending with the lighter green. This will give a corner border to each of the squares. If you are unfamiliar with this stitch you can read about how to stitch it on

Step 4: Rebecca suggested:
Using a puplish blue 791 DMC Perle #5 stitch two interlocking rows of Uwagake Chidori Kagari around the six 8-part squares to form a 4 petal shape. The outer points are stitched on the short lines just outside the square (at the 4part diamond) and inner points are stitched 1.25cm from the center on the long lines. Make the first row with slightly loose tension. On the second row drop the inner points down by stitching at 1.75cm from the pole. This will result in a 5mm straight stitch at the center. If you are unfamiliar with this stitch you can read about how to stitch it on temarikai. I recommend numbering each of the six centers so they are stitched in the same sequence on each row.

Step 5: Kat suggested:
Add another 3 rounds, this time in maroon, on the Uwagake Chidori Kagari, previously started in dark blue. In this case, I did one round around each center, noting the order as I went, then the second round in the same order as the first, the third round same way.

Step 6: Barb suggested:
Add one more row to the 4 petal Kiku herringbone design in medium blue, Anchor 129.

Step 7: Debi suggested:

 Add a starburst in the negative space of the four petaled flowers. Use the bluish/purple color that Rebecca suggested to make a starburst with long stitches that fill up the space and follow the contours created by the point overlaps. I kept mine rather sparse with only 8 stitches (or 16 points to the starburst). To tie the colors together add a small X stitch over the center using the blue from Barb's row.
I must say a huge thank you to everyone who joined in on this project. The temari we made together is gorgeous. It was really fun... maybe we can do this again sometime.

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  1. I finished mone tonight, Rebecca, and will post a photo to the group and to you!! Many thanks for organising this!!