Thursday, October 21, 2010

A spotlight on Temari in Queensland

Kristy from Queensland, Australia, works in a museum, and has kindly organised a small display for ITAD. Part of this museum showcases fading heritage trades like blacksmithing, leadlighting, silversmithing, felting etc...  At one time the art of Temari making almost faded away too but thanks to the support of a growing number of temari makers around the world, those old skills are being learned by new generations of people everywhere.

Kristy has also provided her local craft shop some temari leaflets, started writing her own blog, and will also help three ladies try out temari. Kristy told me "ITAD was a great idea and really gave me the ooomph to push the temari out there in ways I hadn't thought of before".

Go to the Flickr site to see Kristy's photos.
Congratulations Kristy and thank you for sharing temari making.

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