Tuesday, August 17, 2010

66 days to go.

Tiny from The Netherlands is organising an exhibition on the 22 of October which will show case temari made by Tiny and students in Den Helder. The name of the gallery is “het tiende kind” and is situated near Tiny's home town. See Tiny's website in the links right or here.

If you are planning a special event which you would like to let everyone know about please contact me and I will post a note about it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Blog header

If you visit the blogsite you will see the lovely new logo placed in the new header. I am not a computer programmer at all so this took me hours to do on two different computers (believe it or not).  I almost cried at one point, but 1/2 a block of chocolate later and 1/3 a bag of chips I do feel much better... and a bit sick too. The title on the jpg image illustrated my frustration today... it is called "last last last chance.jpg"

Note to self: take off a piece of chocolate and put the rest of the block away (far away) because I've discovered I subconsiously eat when I'm concertrating too hard. Either that or a pixie ate the rest of my chocolate.

Here is the new logo

Congratulations again to the winner! Thanks again to everyone that entered or voted on a temari in this competition. I am working on the certificate for our winner now.