Saturday, July 31, 2010

ITAD Logo comptition... We have a winner

The logo competition ended overnight and the votes have been counted. There were 11 beautiful entries altogether. All were stunning, but two did not meet the competition criteria for stitch type so these were excluded from the voting tally. Most people added 2 views of their temari so I added the votes together to get a total.

Here is the vote tally with Flick ID:
ID                    Votes
temari.addict        3
rosaoz                 1
komusume-Rita    3
ssvetik                4
Harvest_basket    1
Christy Rogers     1
Temari Debi         2
wklager               3
Temari by Artful   2
Total Votes        20

So our winner is ssvetik! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone that entered the the logo competition. We will run it again next year.

Ssvetik, please email me so I can send you the winners certificate.

Now time to plan your activities for October 22. What are you planning?

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