Saturday, July 31, 2010

ITAD Logo comptition... We have a winner

The logo competition ended overnight and the votes have been counted. There were 11 beautiful entries altogether. All were stunning, but two did not meet the competition criteria for stitch type so these were excluded from the voting tally. Most people added 2 views of their temari so I added the votes together to get a total.

Here is the vote tally with Flick ID:
ID                    Votes
temari.addict        3
rosaoz                 1
komusume-Rita    3
ssvetik                4
Harvest_basket    1
Christy Rogers     1
Temari Debi         2
wklager               3
Temari by Artful   2
Total Votes        20

So our winner is ssvetik! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone that entered the the logo competition. We will run it again next year.

Ssvetik, please email me so I can send you the winners certificate.

Now time to plan your activities for October 22. What are you planning?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

ITAD Logo Competition Update.

Only 103 days to go until our first ever International Temari Appreciation Day is celebrated. Are you planning something yet?

It didn't take long but the International Temari Appreciation Day name has somehow been morphed (due to my laziness) to ITAD in all my communications. With all the emails, posts here and over at my Temari Addict Australia blog I was wondering just when RSI would set in, so in the interests of preserving my time and wrists I have shortened the name to an acronym. Unfortunately it looks like something from the apple computer company, but I assure you that if you read ITAD in one of my posts it will relate to International Temari Appreciation Day. (I think an iTad might be an apple nanosecond or a tiny apple... and definitely be something cool my son would bug me for.)

So far I have been told that several people are just beginning to stitch their entries for the logo competition and if you visit the Flickr group you will find several entries have already been submitted there. I wonder how many different versions we will see of the S16 ball? The entries so far are really lovely. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen. Remember to vote too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Logo Design Competition 2010

Here is a sample ball made by me

Seeking a beautiful Temari to use as our Logo.  The winning Temari will be created and selected by you, the Temari community.

Here are the entry guidelines:
  • General: Please ensure your submission is a new ball (not previously photographed or shared). The ball must be your own work, however it is not necessary to be an original design, you may take inspiration from a pattern you have seen elsewhere but please provide your design reference. You may enter your ball by adding it to the Flickr site here You will need to make a Flickr account to enter or vote, if you already have a yahoo account this is a quick process. The winner grants the International Temari Appreciation Day coordinator permission to use the image of the winning Temari in a logo representation.
  • Time: Competition will commence on July 1st 2010 and close at Midnight July 30th 2010 local time. I live in Western Australia so the time here is GMT+8.
  • Division: S16.
  • Size: 30cm circumference (+/- 1cm).
  • Stitch: Uwagake Chidori Kagari (Zig zag over) aka kiku herringbone stitch - specific arrangement of Chidori Kagari where the working thread is taken over the previous rows to create the widening solid "V" shaped wedge, emanating outward from the pole or center point. This stitch arrangement refers to whether all, one, or several previous rows are worked over and around. - definition from Temari Kai tool kit.
  • Colour: Your choice.
  • Thread: Use perle, floss etc... it is up to you.
  • Photography: Please photograph the temari against either a plain black or white background without props. This will allow the image to be cropped into a logo. Ensure your photo is named in an identifiable way. This will ensure you get all the credit for your work.
  • Voting: Click on the gallery of photos and hit add to faves button just under the picture title. Flickr will automatically keep a tally of how many times each picture has been voted as a favourite. Visit regularly to ensure you don't miss any entries.
The maker of the winning Temari ball will have their work used to create the International Temari Appreciation Day logo for 2010/2011. You will be able to tell your friends with pride that your work has been selected by your peers to be the one to represent our celebration day. You will also receive an acknowledgement certificate featuring the finished logo as a keepsake.

Ladies and Gentlemen....Start Stitching...