Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rosa's 10 year service call

Ten years ago Rosa fromBundaberg, Australia, spent 9 weeks in Scotland when her mother had an accident while holidaying there.  Almost every day she made a temari and gave it away. The temari pictured above was given to the lady in the bed opposite her mother’s while she was in a ward and not in Intensive Care. The lady lived in Leichester (England) was also on holidays in Scotland when she hurt her back.  In September this year Rosa and her husband called to see the lady in Leichester and she bought out the ball.  The hanging cord had come loose and she had not hung it up for some years. Rosa mended it for her and back it went on her lounge door handle.   Rosa said "It was lovely to be able to make a house call to repair it after 10 years."

Temari can be an amazing gift of friendship (and also an excellent way to make new friends).

Thanks for sharing this story Rosa.

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