Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo's from Jessica's ITAD party

Jessica in The Netherlands wrote saying she had organised a temari making party with her group for ITAD. She kindly sent me some photos of this event to share with you all. Thanks Jessica it looks like lots of fun!!

If anyone else has a pic or story they'd like to share about what you did to celebrate your temari making this ITAD please contact Rebecca (the email link is in the side bar).

Monday, October 22, 2012

ITAD 2012 in The Netherlands

Jessica is a temari teacher in the Netherlands.
On the 22nd of october most of her pupils come to celebrate International Temari Appreciation Day.
There will be 22 ladies coming together to celebrate, we are going to make holiday season Temari.

You can check out her website is

Happy International Temari Appreciation Day 2012

Today is the day we celebrate our love of all things temari.

Hope wherever you are on this big rotating 'temari' we call planet Earth you can find some time to enjoy some temari making.

What are you doing today?

In Fremantle, Western Australia we held a 2 day temari workshop on Saturday and Sunday. It was really amazing to share temari making with a group all at various stages in our shared temari journey.