Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy International Temari Appreciation Day 2011.

Today is October 22nd! And you know what that means right?

Happy International Temari Appreciation Day. 

I'd like to give thanks to all my temari mentors and friends for sharing your passion of  temari making with me and for guiding, supporting and inspiring me along my own temari journey. I am constantly amazed how our shared love of this wonderful craft has brought so many people together from every corner of the globe.

I find it amazing that a chance encounter with a simply stitched Temari ball at a Steiner School fete several years ago has led to an enduring love of Temari making. I had never before found (and stuck with) a handicraft like I have with this. More amazing is the reality that I had not previously done hand sewing and barely knew the front from the back of the needle. Since that fateful encounter I have stitched on, prepared and wrapped, marked and divided, written patterns or just dreamed and surfed the net about temari for a portion of almost every single day. I even took my temari making supplies when I spent time in hospital.

The weather changed my temari plans for today, in Perth it is cool and overcast to be stitching outdoors.
So instead got out my big stack of temari books and browsed through them. I've looked over my Temari Skills* list and I've planned out some new projects for the coming months. I also wrapped 4 balls in shades of blue (my favourite colour) and read several of my favourite temari related blogs, then spent time working on my temari for a workshop next weekend.

My ITAD temari goal is to make 3 multi-face designs before ITAD 2012. I haven't made a ball with more than 32 centers so I am going to challenge myself to a 42 to start with. For information about multi-face designs see Debi A's temarimathinfo site.

Temari is totally absORBing!

Happy stitching, and enjoy your day! Remember to enter the competition to win a Cosmo Temari book.

*There is a skills checklist made by members of the Temari Challenge group on Yahoo. Not a member? Head over to Yahoo groups and sign up.

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